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Welcome to browse zoucheng city han fu catering co., LTD. Web site!To western-style steak、Pizza is given priority to,Fashion drinks、Leisure snacks is complementary western-style restaurant chain

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Zoucheng city han fu food co., LTD

Founded in2012Years
A new building to steak for the main body of a casual restaurant

With our main steaks attract millions of diners,Copy of a widely famous chef,Understand customers heart,For diners encounters a food sense of the experience,A life beautiful dining environment,Tasting food。

Our restaurant business model point meal or two select buffet,We are prepared to steak at the same time,Also housed the food all over the world,Experience more than one hundred types of local delicacies,Elegant dining environment let you satisfied,Self-help cheong eat new food types、Good quality of service concept,Allows you to experience the delicious and at the same time,Experience the joy of the buffet

DE force of cattle
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  • Store location support

    Guided by market development team to help choose opening address,The cost of the rationalization,The crowd flow、Interests are exaggerated,This support to make our operators to grasp opportunities,In the same industry competition is better

  • Decoration solution support

    With many years accumulation,Combined with the interior designer,For entrepreneurs to provide reasonable distinctive decoration project。The overall specification,For the chain design

  • Cost optimization management

    This support can make our operators do pinch pennies,Save a lot of money、Material resources、Human,Make up faster restaurant industry expert

  • Personnel training support

    Provide management and personnel training,The theory and practice support。This support can make the chain, achieve business standards

  • Opening policy support

    According to join the party to provide market research data,Combining with their own rich experience,Plan for tailored for the opening of league activities and opening marketing solutions。This support can make the joining trader quickly preempted the local market,Become a local catering sector vital role

  • Support product updates

    Have a good level of research and development team。They are international in the industry,Provide ongoing management advice,Make your management level rising。(R&d department will launch a new product every month headquarters in a timely manner for franchisees)

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